Friendliest City Ever!

Charleston has been named the friendliest city in the country again. Not a shock to us that live here and a good reason to move to the Charleston area. The metro area is called the Tri-County because it includes three counties – Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester. Mt Pleasant which is one of the fastest growing areas is in Charleston County. Mt Pleasant boast quick access to the beaches – Sullivans Island and the Isle of Palms. New homes and businesses are popping up everywhere. Triest Agency has a branch office off of Johnnie Dodds Blvd. The price range for homes in Mt Pleasant goes from a couple of hundred thousand to millions. Some of the popular neighborhoods are Brickyard, Ion, Charleston National, Park West, Snee Farm Country Club and Heron Pointe. If you’re considering moving to Charleston then this is a community worth looking at. 

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The one coverage that is so often overlooked

Most homeowner’s have insurance to cover the house; their personal possessions and liability from negligence. This is probably because most homeowner’s have mortgages and the mortgage company requires that they carry home insurance. But renters aren’t required to buy insurance unless their landlord requires it. And most landlords don’t require that the tenant have renter’s insurance or they don’t enforce the need for it.

Whey do renter’s need protection? For the same reason that a homeowners needs a home insurance policy. Renters are subject to loss of their personal articles by theft, vandalism, fire and a host of other hazards just like a homeowner. For some tenants, there chance of loss is probably higher. My heart always goes out to the family shown on the 11 o’clock news that is watching their apartment on fire and all of their property destroyed. And so often it seems that the newsperson is reporting that the family doesn’t have renter’s insurance. But renter’s insurance covers more than just the personal property. Did you know that a renter’s policy would also give that family who is displaced due to their apartment fire money to live somewhere else until they get back in the apartment or get settled again?

Anyone who rents a house or apartment and has considerable assets and doesn’t have renter’s insurance should have their head examined! A renter’s policy provides personal liability protection. If someone is visiting the house that is being rented and drowns in the swimming pool in the backyard, do you know who is going to get sued? The renter and the homeowner. And if the renter did something negligently like not locking the gate to the backyard, then they’re big trouble unless they have a renter’s policy.

I hope I’ve given the renter’s of this world enough of a reason to call us for a policy. The cost of renter’s insurance is minor compared to the chance of a loss. Don’t wait until  you’re shown on the 11 o’clock news!!

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Tax Time?

Tax laws vary from state to state and it’s important that you understand what kinds of taxes you can expect in your new city. In the case of South Carolina, the state has issued this very handy guide to help you get started. Look it over so that you are aware of what is expected of you before you begin looking to buy a new house or car.

This blog is provided courtesy of Triest Publishing, a partner of The Triest Agency. Give Triest a call (843-556-6232) or head over to their site to get a free insurance quote today. Also make sure to check back here with us often to get even more guidance and tips for making you move to the beautiful city of Charleston just a little easier!

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Who’s Hungry?

Charleston, SC is especially well known for its cuisine, and it isn’t hard to see why once you’ve made the rounds of some of the more popular spots. Everything from its famous seafood and traditional Charleston cooking to burgers and an array of international options, Charleston is sure to have something to please everyone.

Once you get done unpacking (or if you just need a break!), head over to the Charleston City Paper’s website to see an extensive list of Charleston’s restaurants.

We hope that you’ll continue to check back here regularly to get more tips and insights into moving to the beautiful city of Charleston. We also encourage you to head over to The Triest Agency’s website to get a free quote for home and auto insurance. You are moving to a new state (or at least city) after all… You’ll be needing new insurance!



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Your New SC Drivers License

We know how much you all love going to the DMV… and who wouldn’t really? However, if you’re one of the few who don’t like the DMV, there are a few useful things that you can do to make your trip there a little less painful. One thing that you’ll likely need to take care of when you get to Charleston, if you’re coming from another state that is, is to get an SC license. This is a handy site that lists exactly what you will need to take with you to get your new license. Collecting all of these things will hopefully ensure that you only need to make one trip to the DMV. Also on this page (about midway down, under Driver’s License, Beginner’s Permit and Identification Card Forms) you will find form #447, which is the application for your new license. Filling this out beforehand will hopefully save you even more time.

No need to go out of your way either. Check this site to find out where the closest offices are to where you live or work. Also check the hours, as some offices are open on Saturdays. This could help you avoid unnecessary time away from work… or at least keep you from wasting your lunch hour.

Before you do any of this however, you will want to get your auto insurance written in South Carolina. Visit The Triest Agency’s website to get a free quote today.

Taylor Jenkins / Triest Publishing

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Change of Address

This one seems simple enough, though with everything going on during a move it may be easily overlooked. Forwarding of mail can be conveniently handled online through the US Postal Service over here. You can set the date that you want mail forwarding to begin as well as indicate who you want the mail sent to (individual, multiple members of a family, business, etc…). The fee for doing it online is only $1 and it will help make your transition to Charleston a little more seamless!

If your move brings you to Charleston from another state, you will surely need to look into home and auto insurance for South Carolina. Visit for a free quote today.

Taylor Jenkins / Triest Publishing

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Welcome to Moving to Charleston!

Charleston, SC is a city of grand history and culture; it is a city that exemplifies southern hospitality; it is a city that many thousands visit every year, and one that many non-natives have chosen to call home.

If you are considering making the Lowcountry (that’s SC speak for the state’s coast, of which Charleston is considered the capital) your home, we hope you will follow our blog. We provide information about what you need to know about moving to Charleston… from where to find the best real estate agents to where to go for the most relaxing Saturday afternoon. Welcome to Charleston!

Welcome to Moving to Charleston!

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